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fostex pmsubmini2 - Fostex - Monitors and loudspeakers - Subwoofers - Recording equipment - Speakers and monitors - PM - fostex pmsubmini2 - Distributed by Syntec


The PM-SUBmini is the small yet powerful subwoofer system which has been designed to fit perfectly with the best-selling Fostex PM0.3/0.3d as well as the newly announced…
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FOSTEX MC11S - Fostex - Microphones - Wired microphones - Recording equipment - Microphones - FOSTEX MC11S - Distributed by Syntec


The MC11S is the stereo microphone which is designed for interview, TV/Radio location and live recording. …
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fostex dcr302 dslr mixer recorder - Fostex - Mixers - Digital mixers - Audio recording - Portable audio recorders - Recording equipment - Recorders and mixers - fostex dcr302 dslr mixer recorder - Distributed by Syntec


The DC-R302 is a professional stereo recorder with on-board 3-ch pre-amp audio microphone / line mixer designed for use with video-capable DSLRs.…
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